Łagów – the Pearl of Lubuski Land – can be considered as most beautiful touring place in Western Poland, visited by tourist from all of Europe.

Łagów is located in the postglacial gully, between two picturesque lakes, surrounded by beech conservation parks overgrown by 200 –300 hundred-year-old trees. The crystal clear water, abundances of fish makes the lakes highly attractive area among tourists, divers and fishermen. The Łagów forests are full of blueberries, mushrooms and raspberries.
The Castle of Hospital Knights, was built in XIV century, is situated on the conjunction of both lakes, and carries us back to the Medieval Ages.

Nature conservations, mineral water springs, multiplicity of rare birds species, favours ornithologists researchers and makes Łagów the health resort in the near future. The town is located in the Łagowski Scenery Park. Serenity zone takes affect in the park. The area has a friendly atmosphere for family vacation and serves people who value the calm, beauty of nature, active rest and forest hikes.
Charm of picturesque nooks of Łagów and nearby nature, serves as medative, wistfulness and relaxation.

Highly attractive, architecturally composed into the nature city, draws painters, photographers, and sculptors, at each season of the year, who traditionally organize there their workshops.

The yearly Summer Film Festival, Chivalrous Tournaments, music concerts, volleyball contests draws famous actors, musicians, athletes and their fans.

Baroque music lovers come to Łagów during the second half of August. Every year, the nearby Paradyż Theological Seminary organizes the Baroque Music Festival, gathering world famous musicians and singers. Music lovers spend days on the womb in the open and evenings listening to magnificent music and tasting delicious “paradise cheesecake”.
Łagówis also known among radio amateurs, who connect themselves with the whole world.

Some other tourist attractions of Łagów and the neighbourhood which you can’t miss:

  • Międzyrzecki Defense Zone, with the European biggest bat conservation
  • Canoeing rally by Łagów Lakes, Pliszka River and Paklica River
  • Night of Nenuphar in Lubrza, in July
  • Horse stable in Łagów and Gryżyna
  • Gryżyna Landscape Park
  • Old water mills, lakes, rivers and streams
  • Sledging cavalcades in winter.

Dwellers of Poznań, Zielona Góra, Frankfurt and Berlin are able to arrive in Łagów in 1-2 hours. Weekend visits are very popular among these visitors

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